1. View your upcoming agenda - See all your upcoming shifts at a glance.
  2. View latest messages in your locations - Stay in touch with all the messages and posts in your subscribed locations.
  3. Subscribe to iCalendar - If you use another ical supported calendar application to manage your time, don't worry. You can pull your shifts in by the click of a button.
  4. Subscribe to RSS feed


  1. Drag & Drop interface - Simply drag and drop shifts around the calendar.
  2. Share - Share your online rota with your staff members..
  3. Recurring shifts - Create regular and recurring shifts (define your shift patterns).
  4. Templates - Create a set of templates based on your most often used shifts, and simply drag them unto the schedule.
  5. Intuitive navigation - Use the back and forward buttons or drop down calendar to quickly navigate to a desired day.
  6. Customizable -
    • Color coded shift types
    • Timezones and Time formats
    • Adjustable week day start
    • And many more...
  7. Print - Use the PDF print to print a copy of schedule just as you see it on screen.


  1. WYSIWYG editor - A rich message editor that makes customized messages a breeze.
  2. Images - Brighten up those announcements with an image or two.
  3. Comments - Allow members to comment to their hearts content.
  4. RSS feed


  1. Group chat - For those occasions when the team is required to chat in real-time, just click on the chat tab and chat away!
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